Authoritarian parenting style & how it affects a child’s achievements

Authoritarian parenting is a very strict parenting style that demands high achievements and expectations from children, with severe punishments if rules are not followed or expectations are met. This style of parenting can push a child to be better at school and learning, but its harsh nature does not nurture a child. It also enforces boundaries (on the child’s part) which are highly recommended, but without compromise. 

In this article, we will look at some positive and negative effects of authoritarian parenting on a child’s academic performance.  

The focus is on the parent, not the child

The focus of any parenting style should be on the child, not the parent. It should be about the child’s needs and abilities. Authoritarian parenting places too much emphasis on what the parent wants. 

They want their child to be successful at school but do not care about the emotional cost to the child. This type of parent also try to control what the child can study and the profession they should pursue with little care if the child wants to go that way or not, causing the child mental stress and unwillingness to learn. 

Raise disciplined and self-motivated children

Authoritative parents raise children who are well-disciplined with good self-control and self-motivation. These are very important traits for learning and good academic performance. 

Disciplined children will push themselves harder and farther to learn. They don’t just give up because a subject is too hard. They are also highly responsible and will do as they are told in class. 

Great support in learning

Academic achievement needs an orderly environment, gadgets, books, materials and the right tutors. All of these are provided by authoritarian parents whose only desire is for their children to do excellently well at school. 

Low self-esteem

Children from authoritarian homes have low-self esteem and confidence. Their parents do not encourage open communication, dialogue or negotiations. They keep their thoughts and struggles to themselves, afraid to upset their parents or teachers. 

Good grades

Authoritarian parents raise children who do very well in school. These kids often top the class and their grades are excellent. Although this is a good thing as it boosts their chances of getting into a good university, the fear of their parents and the consequences of failing is the reason they do so well. Fear shouldn’t be the reason for learning. Instead, a desire for learning and to succeed should be the reason a child is motivated.

Mental health concerns and bad habits

Academic performance is affected by the mental health of the learner. Children who are frustrated, always stressed, always punished and scared of going home develop mental health issues like depression and anxiety which invariably affects their academics. These kids are also prone to using bad habits to cope. 

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