Cool revision tools

Are you having trouble with revising? We’ve been there! In this blog, we will look at a few tools, tips and tricks that will help you with your revision and productivity.

General tips
Create a timetable

A timetable will help you create a revision structure. With a timetable, you can track your revision activities and be accountable to yourself. Be realistic with how much time is needed for revision and which subjects need to be revised.

Take notes and review your last revisions 

Take notes during every revision session. Before starting a new revision session, take at least 10 minutes to go over your previous notes and review what you’ve already studied. This will reinforce your knowledge.

Revision Apps
Flashcard apps

Flashcards are a great aid for visual memorisation, helping you summarise long topics into smaller, concise paragraphs. There are apps with user-generated flashcards on a wide range of subjects. Apps like Quizlet, Tinycards, Flashcards and StudyBlue work on both android and iPhone and are great for helping students with their revision.

Revision Planning Apps

Rather than manually set your timetable, you could use a revision planner app to do it. An app helps you remain organised and keeps track of your revision. Some apps even provide helpful templates and schedule suggestions.

The good thing about revision planning apps is that they also allow easy integration of all your other academic tasks into the planner. This allows you to have your revision, homework and classes in one place.

We recommend apps such as ‘My study life – School Planner’ and websites such as These are our favourite revision resources.

Quizzes Websites

There are revision apps and websites with lots of resources to aid revision. They are loaded with subject knowledge and include features such as specific quizzes and practice questions to test your knowledge on a given subject.

Sections are also often divided into subjects at GCSE and A levels so that you can find your age range quickly and easily. Examples include Gojimo Revision and

Note-taking Apps

Note-taking is a fundamental part of revision. Applications like are a useful tool in organising your ideas and thoughts in a visual way which will make sense for you. Notes can be shared with other students for easy collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Tools for productivity

These are tools that help you manage your time, health, tasks and social media consumption.

Cold Turkey App

Social media distractions are a big reason why you might procrastinate your revision. The cold turkey app helps you by blocking websites, games and other applications to boost your productivity. They offer different options for blocks and once it is activated, you can’t undo it until the set time expires.

Engross App

Engross combines a Pomodoro timer, a to-do list and a calendar in one application. It allows you to set labels for different subjects and tracks your time on each subject. Reminders let you know when to move on to another task.

My Water Balance Tracker App

To keep you hydrated, the My Water Balance: Hydration Daily Tracker and Alert keeps track of the amount of water you consume and reminds you at certain times to drink more water. Drinking more water is great for productivity, which will aid your revision and performance.

Sleep Cycle App

Sleep is good for your memory, productivity, and performance. The Sleep Cycle App keeps track of your sleep patterns, analyses them and helps you improve the quality of your sleep cycle.

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