Fun educational activities to do with your children during the holidays

School holidays are a great time for parents and children to spend time together and bond. Parents though might have mixed feelings about this. The prospect of having the kids at home all day can fill you with joy and dread at the same time. On one hand, the entire family is together, and on the other, how do you keep the kids entertained or preoccupied?

During the holidays, kids take a break from schoolwork. They are supposed to have fun and explore other activities. At the same time, if they spend too much time away from learning, they will fall behind. How does a parent handle this tricky situation?

Home activities

There are many activities to be done at home that is both entertaining and an avenue to learn. Activities like reading, playing games, gardening, and art. Pick out fun books for your children to read and have them tell you to summarise key points from the book. You can have a book discussion session where everyone in the family discusses the book they are reading. 

Playing games let the brain remain active. Word games, board games, puzzles and creative games are some of the games you can play at home. Games could also be in form of a treasure hunt around the house with clues for the kids to find.

Children learn by doing. Creative things like decorating, gardening, cooking, sorting pictures, and rearranging their room are some things to do with them. You can add more flair to it by making them sort pictures by date or rearrange items by colour. 

Take a day trip outside the home

Taking a trip may have financial and safety concerns especially if you have more than one child. But not every outdoor activity is expensive. Parks and zoos have always been the go-to places for small family outings. They are inexpensive and exciting. 

Hiking, bike riding and walking are great ways to explore your local area and teach your child about the history, architecture, and landscapes of the town.

You could also go to family festivals, music festivals and arts or cultural centres. They introduce the child to culture and people.

Prepare a picnic. Pack treats, food and snacks. Your kids will pick up organisational and planning skills as they prepare alongside with you.

Work with them on their homework

Schoolwork shouldn’t suffer entirely because the kids are at home. During the holidays, check out their homework, grades, assignments and lessons. Find out how they are faring and assist where needed. Children will always find one or two subjects difficult. Their time at home, away from the pressure of school other homework might be what they need to be better at the subject they are struggling with. Make it fun by being creative with the learning and not putting much pressure on them. 

Visit a culture or craft centre

Kids are very creative and visual-oriented. When they see something they like, they talk about it for a long time or even try to imitate it. A culture and craft centre appeals to both their creative and visual sensory.

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