How to get into Bancroft’s School


A co-educational independent day school for girls and boys between the ages of 7-18.

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog):  


Fees (as of publication of this blog):

Prep School (students aged 7-11): £5,683 per term £17,049 per annum.

Senior School (students aged 11-18): £6,916 per term £20,748 per annum.

Inclusive in the school fees are school lunches, books specified in the curriculum, personal accident insurance and some related external trips. What the fees do not include are uniforms, sports kits, payment for activities outside the curriculum and tuition in instrumental music.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Mr Simon Marshall

About Bancroft’s School

Bancroft’s is an independent, co-educational school located in Woodford Green, Essex. It was founded by Francis Bancroft and the Draper’s company. It admits students between the ages of 7-18 into prep and senior school.

Is Bancroft’s School good for you?

If excellence is what you desire, then you should consider Bancroft’s School. Bancroft’s has proven to be leaders in academic excellence. The school has impressive A-level and GCSE results. Bancroft welcomes students who are enthusiastic, intelligent and curious.

A series of open events are held around the school during summer and autumn terms. These events give you an opportunity to explore the school grounds, check out the facilities and talk with teachers. Check out open events dates here. The school also arranges virtual open events for parents who cannot visit in person.

Bancroft’s has upgraded sports and extracurricular facilities within the campus. It includes hockey, rugby, badminton, cricket and swimming facilities. The facilities at Bancroft’s are excellent and in line with their commitment to build well-rounded students.


The admission requirements and policies for each level are different. Firstly they start with an online registration, which can be accessed by the schools website here. Notes on what makes a student eligible can be found on these pages. A copy of the pupil’s passport or birth certificate should be uploaded with the registration for all applicants. Once registration is submitted, an automatic email response with the link to pay a non-refundable registration fee will be sent to the email used for registration.

Entrance exams are required to attend Bancroft’s School, in addition to interviews.

The 7+ entrance exams take place in two separate dates in January before the proposed entry. One date is dedicated to the English test, and the other date is dedicated to the Maths and non-verbal reasoning test. For 11+ the is only one date allocated to testing of students. For entry at 16+ students must sit a competitive exam in the November before the entry.

Entry to Bancroft’s School is based on a students performance in both their entrance exams and interview at every stage.

Roughly 60 pupils are enrolled at 7+ and 11+, and 25 pupils are enrolled at 16+.

Entrance exams and interviews

For the 11+ interviews students are expected to talk about their interests and any particular achievements that make them stand out.

For Sixth Form entry, the school looks out for students likely to achieve a minimum of five 8 or 9 grades at GCSE. Offers are conditional upon GCSE grades. Candidates get to nominate two subjects from their intended A-level subjects to write about in addition to completing a 90 minute problem solving and critical thinking paper.

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