How to get into Benenden School


An all-girls independent boarding school for students 11-18.

Registration Fees (as the time of publication of this blog):


Fees (as the time of publication of this blog):

Boarding fees are £14,501 per term and day fees are £10,883 per term.

Current Head (as the time of publication of this blog):

Samantha Price

About Benenden School

Benenden School is located in Kent, England, and was founded in 1923 by three teachers from Wycombe Abbey.

The aim of the school is to create a “happy school with personal integrity and service to others always in mind, where everyone would be given a chance to follow her own bent”. Benenden School also maintains sister ties with Wycombe Abbey, Godstowe Preparatory School, High Wycombe and St. Leonards School.

Is Benenden School good for you?

Benenden’s strives to encourage girls to learn independently for life and enjoy their learning experiences. The school’s curriculum, while still traditional is broad and forward-thinking; enough to include a wide range of academic and extra-curricular activities.

The school encourages personal visits from parents and prospective students at any time during the admission process. During the visits, parents can speak to members of staff and enrolled students to appreciate the character of Benenden.

Bookings must be made for Open Mornings and these take place in the Autumn Term.  Bookings can be made via the school’s website.


The entry point for admissions is 11+, 12+, 13+, 14+ and Sixth Form. registration for 11+ should be done at least two years in advance.

Entrance exams and interviews

There are three stages of assessment for 11+. The first stage is a residential visit to the school called Preview Weekend which holds Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2022. This allows the applicant to have a taste of Benenden’s boarding life. In this stage, the applicants will have assessments in English, and Maths and undertake an informal interview.

Stage two is an ISEB Common Pre-test exam for entry, and this will take place by 30th November. Stage 3 is the Academic Scholarship Examinations which will be given to the highest achievers.

12+ and 13+ candidates should be registered about three years in advance while in Year 5. The 12+ and 13+ admissions process takes place at the same time and prospective students can be considered for either point of entry. Preview Weekend for 13+ holds in May each year, and offers are made before the end of Year 6.

For Sixth Form entry into 2023 exams will take place on Friday 11th November 2022. Assessments will be in two of the subjects the candidate is choosing to take onto A Level.

Likewise, exams for 14+ entries for 2023 will occur on Friday 11th November 2022. Candidates will be required to both a Maths and an English assessment.

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