How to get into Blackheath High School


Independent day school for girls aged 3-18 years.

Registration fee (as of the publication of this blog)

Upon filling in your admission form, you will be required to pay an amount of £150 up front, which is non-refundable. Furthermore, once your admission is reserved, you need to deposit another £1000 as a security deposit; this amount will be returned to you after your daughter finishes her education.

Fees (as of the publication of this blog)
  • Nursery: £3,925 per term
  • Junior School: £5,043 per term
  • Senior School: £6,177 per term
  • Sixth Form: £6,177 per term

Each academic year consists of 3 terms. Hence multiply individual term fees by 3 in order to calculate overall fees for an academic year. The above-mentioned fee structure includes the cost of a regular curriculum, course books, choral music, games, stationary, and additional materials. Apart from this, additional charges might be applied on opting for extra activities such as music classes, optional trips, and regular nutritionally balanced lunches.

Current Head (as of the publication of this blog)

Mrs Natalie Argile

About Blackheath High School

Blackheath High School is a one-in-a-million historic school that is essentially famous among the masses for all the right reasons. It is a kind of institution that believes in seeing the world through the eyes of young girls instead of seeing the girls through preconceived worldly notions.

This is exactly why every single girl belonging to Blackheath High School is continuously empowered and pushed to the best of her limits in order to achieve every dream out there. Blackheath High School functions in a way to nurture the dreams of young girls along with providing them with the required guidance plus academic excellence in order to help them discover their passion.

Blackheath High School heavily focuses on individuality; that is to say, no matter what dreams you hold, Blackheath will always have a place for you!

Is Blackheath High School good for you?

No amount of justification can ever deny the importance of picking out the best possible school for your child. This is because the standard of school plays a crucial role in the personality and confidence development of a child in the early years. In this regard, Blackheath High School is an incredibly ideal option for schooling.

Moreover, the school welcomes parents looking forward to admitting their girls to Blackheath in order to visit the faculty and premises. In case you want to visit the school prior to proceeding with the admissions process, you can book an open morning visit for yourself here.

Blackheath High School, established in 1880, is a historic school that enables girls to fly high and achieve their dreams by giving them wings of confidence. As far as academic excellence is concerned, Blackheath High School has always managed to top the list of schools with the highest results.


To secure admission to Blackheath High school, parents must first fill in the online registration forms for the Early Years, Junior years, Senior school, and Sixth Form, along with paying the registration fees.

While for bursary applicants, the date for admission is September 2023 has passed. To know more about the bursary scholarships in detail, click here.

Exams and interviews

The school offers admissions to a total of 4 groups, and the admission process for each group varies majorly.

For Early Years:

  • Your daughter will be called to the school to sit in an age-appropriate exam along with meeting the early years’ faculty.
  • Once your test has been cleared, an offer will be made to you. You need to accept that offer within the mentioned time frame in order to secure your spot. Along with the offer acceptance, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit. For more information click here.

For Junior Years:

  • Initially, your daughter will be invited to the school to take an age-appropriate assessment along with meeting her current age group.
  • In case your application is cleared, an offer will be made to you. Kindly note that the offer needs to be acknowledged within the mentioned time. At this point, you will need to deposit the non-refundable fees.

For Senior School:

  • An entrance exam is held in November for all the applicants.
  • Shortlisted candidates are then called in for an interview in January.
  • Lastly, an offer will be sent to you in February. As mentioned above, kindly make sure to acknowledge the offer within the time outlined, along with paying the non-refundable fees.

For Sixth Form:

  • 16+ applicants are welcomed at any point during the academic year up to the September start date. Although if you look forward to being considered for a scholarship or bursary, you need to apply before November while you are still in Year 11, as this is when our entrance assessment is conducted.
  • 16+ applicants applying for a general spot are not required to sit in an entrance examination – Such candidates will be assessed on academic performance in Year 10 exams and predicted GCSE grades. Candidates must have a minimum of 6 GCSEs grade 6 and above, including maths and English, and grade 7s in the A-level subjects they wish to study.
  • Once your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter around December. The offer must be accepted by the date outlined in your offer letter in order to secure your spot. At this point, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit.


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