How to get into Chigwell School 


A co-educational day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 4-18.

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog):


Termly Fees (as of publication of this blog): 

Reception Year 1 and 2: £4,895, Years 3 and 4: £5,245, Years 5 and 6: £5,795, Year 7 to Year 13: £6,945

Full boarding: £11,995

Fees are inclusive of all tuition, meals, textbooks and games. Individual pursuits like personal music lessons incur their own fees, terms and conditions. Examination fees, school buses and breakfast clubs are other activities that incur extra charges and fees.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Mr Damian King

About Chigwell School

Chigwell was founded in 1629 by Samuel Harsnett who was the Archbishop of York and Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University. It was originally a boys school and didn’t become co-educational until 1997. It has a long history which includes notable events such as the first ever swimming pool being built and Princess Margaret opening their gymnasium, in addition to a successful alumni of entreprenuers, politicians, ambassadors, journalists, sports and TV stars.

Is Chigwell School good for you?

Chigwell school has been instrumental in producing excellent leaders for four centuries. They place emphasis on a robust and rich education that provides opportunities to students in every sphere.

The school places priorities on extracurricular activities like drama and arts. It also enjoys high participation in a variety of clubs and societies.

Open day tours are scheduled for families who are interested in Chigwell. This gives them the opportunity to see the school and make sure it’s the right fit. To arrange a tour, check here.


Chigwell School is an academically selective school. Offers into the school are primarily based on the academic merit and a thorough assessment of the pupil if they would benefit from the school.

The entry points are for 4+, 7+, 11+ and 16+. For 13+ students, entry is dependant on if there are places available. The school will occasionally admit students of other ages at their discretion if spaces are available. Parents are advised to check with the Admissions office to see if there are any spaces for the next academic year before registering.

To get your child into Chigwell School you need to start with an online registration and pay a non-refundable registration fee. The closing dates are usually in the October prior to the year of entry.

Once registration is completed, interview dates are communicated to the parents via email. For 11+ applicants, interviews are conducted via Microsoft Teams and they will need to sit for an entrance exam to be eligible.

Sixth Form applicants must sit entrance exams, attend an interview and provide an up-to-date school report from their current school.

From 11+ upwards, bursaries and scholarships are available. Bursaries are awarded based on the academic merit and financial circumstances of the child.

Entrance exams and interviews

The interviews are done in two parts; firstly parents meet with senior staff members of the school and get the opportunity to ask questions also, and secondly, students are interviewed separately.

The next phase is the entrance tests. The examination usually comprises papers in English and Mathematics. Students are also required to take part in arts and science based projects in a group. For Sixth Form entry, students must sit papers in two of their chosen A-level subjects.

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