How to get into Epsom College


Co-ed independent school for students aged 11 to 18. 

Registration Fees (as of publication of this blog):

£150 (non-refundable)

Overseas Registration Fees (as of publication of this blog):

£200 (non-refundable)

Fees (as of publication of this blog):  

Lower School (Years 7 & 8) – £7,170 per term, Senior School (Years 9-13) £9,562 per term for Day Pupils, £12,809 per term for Weekly Boarders, £14,101 per term for Full Boarders

School fees cover stationery, schoolbooks, and food, but do not include exam fees, private tuition, costs for trips and events. 

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Jay Piggot

About Epsom College

Epsom College was founded back in 1853 by John Propert to help the sons of medical professionals gain an education and accommodate them and the widows of medical doctors. It was originally called The Royal Medical Benevolent College. 

It’s located in Epsom Downs, Surrey, and takes mostly day students with a few boarders.

Is Epsom College good for you?

Epsom has built a reputation as one of UK’s leading schools. They focus on building a pupil’s character and attitude as well as academic skills. They appear in the Telegraph’s Top 100 Independent Schools for GSCE and A-levels and 20th on Times’ GCSE rankings for independent co-ed schools. 

Open Mornings and Tours is a very ideal and promising way of learning more about the school. Parents can walk the grounds, meet pupils and staff of the school, and get a talk from the Head. A virtual tour is also available for those who cannot be in the school physically. 

The open morning for the 2022/23 academic year is scheduled for Saturday, 24th September 2022. 


The main entry point of admission is at 11+, 13+ and 16+. For a pupil to be considered for a place in Year 7, the registration form must be completed before 31st of October in Year 6.

To be considered for a place in Year 9, the registration form and fee must be completed and paid before 31st of October in Year 6.

Prospective Sixth Form students need to achieve a minimum of seven GCSEs or IGSCEs at grade 6 or above. The registration deadline is 10th October 2022. 

Entrance exams and interview

All registered 7+ candidates will be invited for a short, usually within 15 minutes in Autumn. The interview precedes the written examination. The interview is not of an academic nature. It is more like a chat, to get to know the child. 

The assessment will be held in January 2023. Pupils will sit four exam papers in Mathematics, Creative Writing, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. The verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers are set by GL Assessment. Pupils can familiarise themselves here

13+ will also hold their own interview in Autumn, before the written exams. This interview is also in form of a chat to know the pupil. The pupils will sit four papers in January 2023 – Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Creative Writing. 

Interviews for those students who have been shortlisted for potential entry into the Sixth Form will be held in November of Year 11. 

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