How to get into Eton College


Boarding school for boys aged 13-18.

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog):  


Fees (as of publication of this blog):

£46,296 per year (£15,432  per term, with three terms per academic year, for 2022)

School fees include full board, lodging, educational materials and the cost of tuition. Bursary applications are accepted from parents based on financial circumstances. If a student qualifies for a bursary this is awarded at the same time in which the conditional offer to attend the school is made.

Current head (as of publication of this blog):

Simon Henderson

About Eton College:

Eton college was founded in 1440 by Henry VI. It has a prestigious reputation and is notably very famous for educating members of the British royal family, aristocracy, world leaders and prime ministers.

Is Eton College good for you?

Eton College has been educating students for nearly 600 years. They have a long-standing commitment to learning and have proven over the years they are the epitome of academic excellence and remarkable success outside the school.

Their curriculum is designed to build students both in and outside the classroom and to develop skills for the real world. They include art, drama, music, sports, outdoor education, community engagement and societies programmes as part of their learning to broaden their experiences.

Eton is a boarding school and so students can only see their parents and friends once in a while. This should be taken into consideration.


To gain entry into Eton college, a boy must be registered up until 30 June of the school year he turns 10 (Year 5). If this isn’t followed, the only other way is through scholarships or Sixth Form entry which opens in Year 8 (for Year 9 entry) and Year 11 (for Sixth Form entry).

For Year 9 (13+) entry, registration can be done with this online form, here. Parents are advised to make available a digital copy of their child’s unabridged birth certificate. At the end of the form, a link will be provided where the registration fee can be paid.

Applications will be read through and shortlisted. The boys who have been shortlisted will be invited to Eton to be assessed in November or December. Once the applications are processed, a pupil will have to go through a two-stage assessment. Firstly students undertake an online test, then they are interviewed by Eton’s masters, they will then complete a computerised reasoning test and be assessed on a group activity.

For Sixth Form (16+) entry, admission is possible either through the Orwell Award (for boys in UK state schools) or Sixth Form entry (fee-paying). Applications for 2022 are currently closed, but more details on the next session can be found here.

Students in Sixth Form must have received six GCSEs (or its equivalent) at grade 7 to be eligible. The entry is open to both state school and overseas students.  Applications start around mid-July and usually end in mid-September. Applications are considered and applicants shortlisted for assessment and interviews around November or December.

Eton offers different scholarships and financial aids for students at different levels and talents. It can be found here.

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