How to get into Haberdashers’ Girls’ School


Independent day school for girls (aged 4 to 18).

Registration Fees (as of publication of this blog):


Fees (as of publication of this blog):  

Sixth Form (Year 12 – 13): £21,636 per annum

Senior School (Year 7 – 11): £21,516 per annum

Primary School (Year 3 – 6): £19,719 per annum

Reception – Year 2: £18,909 per annum

Fees don’t include lunch, examination, extracurricular, and transportation fees.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog)

Rose Hardy

About Haberdashers’ Girls’ School 

Haberdashers’ Girls’ School is a private day school located in Elstree, Hertfordshire. It is commonly referred to as “Habs Girls” (or “Habs” to differentiate it from the nearby Haberdashers’ Boys’ School). Founded in 1875, the Haberdashers’ Girls’ School is one of eleven schools which contributes to the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers’.

Staff at Habs strives to establish a “competitive, positive, stimulating, and secure environment in which girls aged 4 to 18 enjoy working diligently to achieve their full potential.”

Is Haberdashers’ Girls’ School good for you?

The Haberdashers’ Girls’ School provides the optimal mix between girls’ academics and co-ed extracurricular activities. It provides pupils with access to nature and visits to central London for art, drama, and museum tours.

The school also ensures exceptional academic performance, as 97 percent of girls obtain A* to B grades at A-Level and almost 99 percent earn A* to B grades at GCSE.

Each autumn term, Habs organises several Open Days, so prospective students and their parents can explore the school’s ethos before deciding on whether to apply for a place and go through the admissions process.

If you intend to attend the Sixth Form Open Day, reserve a spot in advance.


To secure admission to Habs Girls, parents/students must complete the online registration form and return it to the admission office along with the fees. Registration deadlines for the next academic year typically occur in November the year prior.

Exams and interviews

After registration, the girls of different age groups are passed through different assessment steps that involve exams and interviews.

  • At the 11+ level, girls are required to take English and mathematics exams. The English Proficiency examination is divided into two sections: the first measures analytical skills, and the second writing skills. Mathematics exams are used to evaluate the ability to solve mathematical problems rationally.
  • Girls who join at the age of 16 take exams in the disciplines they desire to study at Habs, for which an A* grade is expected.

A senior staff member will interview girls whilst parents and guardians meet with the Deputy Head or Head of School.

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