How to get into Harrow School


An independent school for boys aged 13-18. 

Registration Fee (as of publication of this blog):

£350 (non-refundable)

Fees (as of publication of this blog):

£14,555 per term for 2021/2022

School fees include boarding, lessons, schoolbooks and stationery. 

Entrance Deposit (as of publication of this blog):


Acceptance Fee (as of publication of this blog):


Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Alastair Land

About Harrow School

Harrow School was founded in 1572 by John Lyon, who was a local farmer. 

Harrow School is one of the original nine public schools listed in the 1868 Parliament Act and a member of the prestigious Rugby Group Schools. 

Is Harrow School good for you?

Harrow school is famous for its longstanding history of educating royal families, prime ministers, and multiple prestigious award holders. It is therefore recognised globally. 

The school places emphasis on academic achievements but does not consider grades the only criteria in admitting prospective students. They look at a student’s willingness and desire to contribute to their success, their classmates, and the schools’. 

They are interested in students who will adapt well to the boarding environment and make positive contributions to the life of the school. Harrow students are academically talented and are encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities such as sports and arts. Discipline is important at Harrow and all Harrow students are required to have a good behavioural record. 

Harrow School has open mornings that take place between 9am-1pm. The school recommends that families visit when the boys are in Year 4 or 5. Open mornings offer a great opportunity for families to tour the school grounds and visit a boarding house in addition to meeting key staff including the registrar. The Open Morning will also feature talks from the Headmaster, Director of Studies, and some of the pupils. 


Harrow School currently has approximately 830 boys on roll. The year of entry is at Year 9 or Year 12. There is only a limited number of places for students each year and so the places are highly competitive. 

To get into Year 9, registration should be done at the end of Year 5, or at least by May 1 of Year 6. Register your form online and pay the registration fee. The school asks for a reference from the boy’s current school at the end of Year 5 to find out more about their talents and behaviours. 

Entrance exams and interviews

Year 9 applicants will be required to write an ISEB Common Pre-Test to measure their ability and attainment. They will be tested on their verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English, and mathematics skills. The test is ideally written between October 1st and the end of the autumn term of Year 6.

If successful, prospective students are then invited to sit the Harrow Test at the school in the autumn of Year 7. This test comprises two 15-minute interviews with a House Master and a Senior Beak, and another online English and Maths test. 

Year 12 who are invited for testing choose four subjects in which they would like to be assessed. These are the subjects they wish to sit in the Sixth Form. 

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