How to get into Ilford County High School


A selective grammar school for boys aged 11-18



Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Mrs Rebecca A. Drysdale

About Ilford Grammar School

Ilford County High School (ICHS) is a selective grammar school for boys, founded in 1901, and located in the London Borough of Redbridge. 

It was recently visited by Ofsted in September 2021 and graded ‘good’ in all areas. 

Is Ilford County High School good for you?

Ilford Grammar School is a high-performing school for boys with a long history of academic success and achievements. It is a member of the Leading Edge Partnership of schools. 

Ilford County High School holds Open Days at various points in the year and encourages those students who will meet the entry requirements to attend. 


Admissions into Ilford County High School are based on the Redbridge 11+ examinations. The school is very popular, and admits 180 pupils into Year 7 every year. There is a waiting list for students and places are offered to those who are on this list if they haven’t been granted entry into Year 7. 

11+ registration for pupils starting in September 2023 began on May 1st 2022 and ends June 30th 2022. No late registrations are accepted. Pupils must be registered when they are in Year 5, and they will sit the exams when they are in Year 6. The school has a pass mark of 104 and any pupil who fails to meet this mark will not be considered for admission. 

Because it is selective, parents ought to be aware that the school has set areas called catchment areas. Any pupil who lives outside the catchment area, no matter their score, will not be offered a place for admission. To confirm if you are within the catchment area, go to the Redbridge map, click on education – 11+ catchment area, and enter your postcode area. It shows your address. 

Admission into Sixth Form for 2022/23 entry is currently closed. Sixth Form students follow either a three of four A Level pathway, and further maths is only part of the four A Level pathway. 

Exams and Interviews

The entrance exam will be taken within the school on September 17th 2022. The supplier for the examination is CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring), which is part of the University of Cambridge. 

CEM has a familiarisation Booklet for 2023 entry. The booklet includes symbols and phrases used in the assessment, an actual feel of the assessment, a range of disciplines to be tested and answer formats. 

The testing process involves two papers, each to be administered in about one hour. Applicants will be tested in Verbal Ability, Maths, Numerical Skills, Non-Verbal Ability and Comprehension. 

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