How to get into Kensington Prep School


Independent all-girl prep school (4-7 years)

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog):


  • For 4+ entries, you can register your daughter online through the online entry form of the school. There is no specific date; you can register them anytime from birth up to 12 months before she is eligible to enter the school.
  • For 7+ entries, various occasional places arise throughout the year. Girls that have already been registered are contacted for the occasion open morning assessment to assess their capabilities, and if reasonable, they are offered a place.
Fees (as of publication of this blog):

£6,499 per term

This is the fee for one term of the school, which is exclusive of any other extra or lunch cost. An additional £325 is charged for the school lunches, and all the girls must have lunch. Moreover, £70-£300 are charged for extra trips or educational activities.

Optional music lessons available for a further fee of £25 per half an hour.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Ms. Caroline Hulme-McKibbin

About Kensington Prep School

Kensington Prep was founded in 1873 and was originally called Chelsea School. It was an all-girls school with just 20 pupils initially. It moved around and was renamed Kensington High School, teaching both primary and secondary aged students. It was destroyed by a bomb in 1941 during the Second World War, and when it eventually reopened in another location it was renamed Kensington Prep.

The school values teachings on the growth mindset and prepares girls to excel in every field of life. The school’s main aim is to create a healthy and happy mindset for young girls with the help of their supportive and nurturing environment.

Is Kensington Prep School good for you?

If you’re looking for a supportive environment where you girls can be happy and develop a creative mind in a flexible teaching environment, then Kensington Prep is the school for you. You will find various extracurricular opportunities, exceptional educational performances, and a wide array of language and music lessons to compliment school life.

Not only that, the headmistress is all about preparing the girls for the life outside school in this modern technological era, so the school is prepped with all the newest forms of technology. Leavers of Kensington Prep have been able to score a place in some prestigious senior schools like St Paul’s Girls’ School, Wycombe Abbey, St. Mary Scot and Downe House just to name a few!


Girls opting for 4+ entries can be registered anytime from birth to one year before they are eligible for school entry. You can register through an online application for which you will have to create an account on the school website. After that, deposit the £100 non-refundable registration deposit and complete your application form. You can register here.

Exams and interviews

For Age 4+ Following Steps Are Involved.

  • The first step is registering your daughter, for which you must deposit the £100 non-refundable fee.
  • After that, parents will be contacted a year before their daughter is due to join the school for the open day place. Parents will be contacted to confirm the assessment and school entrance exam.
  • Open days are held every March, and registration closes in September, a year before the proposed school entry. Students sit assessments in January which include primarily play-based tasks. Then attitude and cognitive assessments are also undertaken.
  • After the assessments, parents will be contacted about whether their daughter has a place. To secure a place if offered, parents are asked to deposit £1000 by a given deadline. After the place is confirmed, parents must sign the GDST contract.

For Age 7+ Following Steps Are Involved.

  • If your daughter is registered for 7+ entry, she is automatically registered for the occasional open assessment morning.
  • If a place is available, the parent is offered the place. If there are no places prospective students are put onto the waiting list and contacted when places become available.
  • Prospective students are assessed in Maths, English and reasoning. They are also required to participate in problem-solving activities.
  • If accepted, parents are contacted to notify about the To secure the place parents must deposit £1000 and sign the GDST contract.

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