How to get into Merchant Taylors’ School


Independent boys boarding school (11-18 years)

Registration Fee (at the time of publication of this blog):


  • For 11+ Bursary and scholarship admission, the deadline is 30 September, the year before the entry into school. For fee-paying clients, the deadline is 30 October, the year before the school entrance, along with the deposit of the non-refundable admission fee.
  • For 13+ entries, the deadline for registration is 30 June on the 5th, along with depositing the non-refundable registration fee.
  • For 16+ entries, the deadline is 7 October preceding the year of entry, and they also must pay a registration deposit of £100.
Fees (at the time of publication of this blog):

£23,600 per annum, which includes all the school lunches and an OMT lifetime subscription, although you might have to pay additional for other facilities.

For example, you must deposit £810 additional charges for music lessons for 30 classes.

Current Head of School (at the time of publication of this blog):

Mr. Simon Everson

About The Merchant Taylor’s Boys School

Merchant Taylors school is an exceptionally high-ranking school that has not only been providing high-quality education for years but also has been encouraging the students to excel in extracurricular activities. Not only is it a centre of excellent education, but it also values the talent and interests of its students, encouraging them to pursue their passion.

MTS students are exceptional in classrooms and have shown their proficiency in sports grounds and art classes. Founded 460 years ago in 1561, the school has shown outstanding results and has established itself as the all-time high-ranking all-boys school.

Is Merchant Taylors’ School good for you?

There is no doubt that choosing the right school is very important. It is the deciding point of your child’s future, and you must be very careful about that. If you’re looking for an encouraging environment for your child which can bring out his inner potential without exhausting him with rigorous exams, then you can consider MTS.

Moreover, MTS is a good choice if your kids are interested in activities other than theoretical school knowledge, like extracurriculars. It is highly recommended that the parents visit the open school days before going for admission. MTS has an environment where kids can grow freely and pursue their interests.

Leavers of the MTS have pursued some great professions, from medicine to engineering. Moreover, 11 students last year received offers from Oxford University.


To secure a place at the MTS, the parents must fill out an online form of the 11+, 13+, and 16+ entries here, along with the debit/credit card details to deposit the non-refundable registration fees. Please make sure that you submit the form along with a digital copy of your son’s birth certificate and passport before the respective deadlines.

The last deadline for the practical scholarships and bursary is 30 September, a year before entry to the school.

Exams and interviews

For 11+ entries, the steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, at the end of November, parents will be called to confirm the exam and asked to send a recent photo of their child. In addition to that, parents will receive further information regarding the process.
  • In December, prospective students will be required to sit an exam that comprises English, Maths, and the MTS general paper (1 hour each).
  • By the end of January or early February, prospective students will be called for an interview where their different cognitive abilities will be tested.
  • In mid-February, parents will receive a letter regarding the offer of a place or an offer for a spot on the waiting list.

For 13+ entries, the steps are as follows:

  • After the registration in July, the school will inform parents whether their son’s name is on the list to interview.
  • After that, a 25-minute online interview with the staff will be conducted to assess the prospective student’s cognitive skills.
  • After that, parents will receive a confirmation of whether our kid will be allowed to sit in the qualifying exam. If yes, then you will have to deposit a fee of £50
  • In December, prospective students will be required to sit exams in Maths, MTS general, and English (1 hour each).
  • In mid-February parents will be offered conditional offer for their children to go into Year 9 place, under the condition their child maintains good academic grades and a good behaviour record in their current school.

For 16+ entries, the steps are as follows:

  • Students will be provided with the booklets and asked to nominate the subjects that interest them the most. Students will be tested for an aptitude for A levels of study.
  • After that reference form from the applicant’s school will be required for confirmation. Moreover, the applicant must submit their school’s latest report card.
  • Then interviews with the specialist of the nominated subjects will be conducted, and a general interview will also be conducted. These will be held in December.

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