How to get into Newcastle High School for Girls


Independent day school for girls (aged 3 to 18)

Fees (as of publication of this blog)

Nursery: £2886 per term

Reception: £3206 (and lunch is a further £238) per term

For nursery and reception the fee may vary for part-time students or full-time students who have received grant funding.

Years 1-6: £3773 (and lunch is a further £252) per term

Years 7-11: £4777 (and lunch is a further £262) per term

Years 12-13 (Sixth Form):  £4777 (and lunch is a further £229) per term

All pupils are required to have lunch up to Year 13.

Fees cover tuition according to the regular curriculum, textbooks, and scientific materials. Non-residential school trips related to the curriculum are also included.

Acceptance fees of £350 are charged when a parent confirms their offer of a place for their child. This will be refunded to parents once their child has left the school.

Students entering the school in Year 7 are eligible to apply for a bursary and scholar awards which can lead to about a 30 to 50% of reduction in the school fees.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog)

Michael Tippett

About Newcastle High School for Girls

Newcastle High School is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust. It was founded in 2014 by merging Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School (founded in 1872) and Central Newcastle High School (founded in 1876). The Junior School is located at Sandyford park, whilst the Senior School is near the suburbs of Jesmond.

It was recently given a glowing review by the Good Schools Guide in November 2022 for offering a broad curriculum and providing  high quality teaching and learning which challenges all students. The Good Schools Guide also commented on their excellent facilities and pastoral care. It is therefore unsurprising that it’s often ranked within the top 5 independent schools in the North East of England.

Is Newcastle High School for Girls good for you?

It is incumbent that you choose the best school for your girls for strong academic development. For this purpose, Open Days at the school can prove very useful. Open Days are held throughout the year at Newcastle High School, but they are mostly centred in the autumn months. There are upcoming Open Days between 13th – 17th March 2023. You can explore the facilities and meet the heads to be completely sure of this school. The bookings are open here.

The school provides options to take several subjects and takes students on several important trips. The environment is cultivated to help students achieve the best results in their GCSEs and A Levels.

A Level results in 2022 showed 24% of students at Newcastle High School achieving A*, 51% of students achieving A-A* and 73% of students achieving A*-B. GCSE results in 2022 showed 65% of students achieving grades 9-7.


To secure admission to Newcastle High School for Girls, parents must fill in the online registration forms by clicking on the “apply now” button on the website before the start of the term.

The registration for the Nursery and Junior schools are open throughout the year, and admissions are granted on the basis of place availability. However, it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible, preferably in the autumn, if your child wants to start school the next term.

While for the bursary and scholar awards applicants, the last date for admission is December 16. To know about the bursary in detail, click here.

  • There are three terms – summer, autumn, and spring. You may still be able to get into summer or autumn terms as of January of this year if you apply at the earliest.
Exams and interviews

The assessment process varies for different age groups.

For Early Years and Foundation stage entry:

  • The assessment is based on verbal and practical activities.
  • It will last for almost 30 minutes.

For Years 1-6:

  • Your daughter will attend the school for one day, where she will be tested on reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics abilities.
  • You will be requested a report from the current school of your child as well.

For Year 7 Entry:

For year 7 entry, the deadline for interviews and examinations is always in January for a September start.

  • The assessment consists of an English comprehensive paper and a writing exercise lasting for 45 minutes.
  • A mathematical paper that is also 45 minutes long. It will be based on the Numeracy strategy from the Year 6 program.
  • She will have to take a computer test where her verbal, non-verbal, and mathematical abilities will be tested. An interview with a faculty member will also be conducted.
  • You will also have to submit reports from your previous school.

For Year 8, 9, and 10 Entry:

  • The student will have to take an English comprehension paper with a writing assessment lasting for 90 minutes.
  • A mathematical paper that lasts for 60 minutes.
  • A non-verbal paper based on reasoning and logic lasting for 30 minutes.
  • A verbal paper to examine your daughter’s verbal reasoning capabilities.
  • She will also have to sit through an interview with a member of the Senior Leadership team.

Sixth Form Entry:

  • Attend an interview with the Director and Head of the Sixth form. There are other specifications regarding GCSE and A-level subjects that your daughter will have to fulfil.
  • A report from the previous school is also compulsory.

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