How to get into Northwood College for Girls


Independent girls’ day school (aged 3 to 18).

Registration fee (as of the publication of this blog):


  • Registration forms must be submitted by the end of November, along with the registration fee, which is non-refundable.
  • For Senior School Year 7 (11+) entries, the last date for submission of the form is usually early-mid November.
  • For Year 12 (16+), applications are accepted throughout the year.
Fees (as of publication of this blog):

The term fee structure for Northwood College for Girls is as follows:

Nursery £4,243 per term

Reception to Year 2 £4,708 per term

Year 3 to 6 £5,526 per term

Year 7 £6,580 per term

Year 8 £6,552 per term

Year 9 £6,560 per term

Year 10 £6,575 per term

Year 11 £6,578 per term

Year 12 £6,547 per term

Year 13 £6,554 per term

Fees include lunches and extra-curricular activities.

Girls entering Year 7 of the Senior School are eligible for a certain number of academic, musical, athletic, and art and design scholarships each year.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Mrs. Rebecca Brown

About Northwood College for Girls

Northwood College (NWC) is one of the most well-known schools in Middlesex. They have the honour of guiding young adult girls, and they care intensely about every pupil. NWC has a 100% pass rate for A Levels in 2021, and 80% of the grades were A* and A.

NWC was founded by Miss Catherine Buchan Smith who started it as a London school for girls in 1878. In December 1892 the school building shifted to Northwood and was renamed Northwood College for Girls.

Is Northwood College for Girls good for you?

At Northwood College for Girls, they strive to provide their students with the best possible education and guidance. They recognise that each student is unique and has specific needs. Therefore they take pride in delivering unmatched career and further education counselling, recommendations, support and care.

The institution has a fantastic track record of academic excellence. Their caring staff is always on hand to provide help with any issues or queries. Northwood College for Girls also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, art & design exhibition, and tours, allowing students to develop new skills outside of the classroom.


Before the year of enrolment, during the Autumn Term, Registration Forms and Registration Fees must be submitted to the College before the deadlines. The assessment information, which will happen the following January, will be provided.

For more information, contact the Registrar of Northwood College at

Exams and interview

To apply to Northwood College for Girls, the criteria and process are simple:

  1. Parents must first create an account for free by clicking here. This account allows parents to submit a formal application to the school. The school will inform and guide them about the different admission processes until the pupil’s first day at Northwood College for Girls.
  2. Attend an Open Event. Northwood College for Girls offers Open Events as an opportunity to visit the school and meet with the school staff and pacify yourself why this school is the best education institute for your daughter.
  3. After the procedure of visiting the school is over, registration follows. After registration, the school will provide the dates for assessments and interviews which are held every January.
  4. If successful in the assessments and interview stage, the student will be given an offer letter by the NWC. Northwood College must receive written acceptances and deposits swiftly after this, usually in early February.

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