How to get into Oundle School


Independent public school for day and boarding pupils aged 11 to 18. 

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog):


Fees (as of publication of this blog):

Boarding: Year 9-13 – £14,090 per term, Year 8 £12,425 per term, Year 7 £10,705 per term

Day: Year 9-13 – £9,025 per term, Year 8 – £7,960 per term, Year 7 – £6,865 per term

Fees include extra-curricular games and Sports and Health Centre access throughout the year. 

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Mrs Sarah Kerr-Dineen

About Oundle School

Oundle School was founded by Sir William Laxton in 1556 and was originally called The Laxton Grammar School. In 1876, the school was divided into two – Laxton Grammar School and Oundle School. Laxton Grammar School was to continue educating boys from Oundle and its surroundings, while Oundle School took on pupils who were located further away. 

The Laxton School admitted only boys after it was founded. It wasn’t until 1990 that they admitted girls for the first time. Then, in 2000, the Oundle School and Laxton Grammar School were both united under the name Oundle School. 

Is Oundle School good for you?

Oundle School recommends visiting the school or getting familiar with it virtually ahead of registering your child. Attending an Open Day will give you a feel of the school but an individual visit will be just as fulfilling. To have an individual visit, book ahead and give as much detail about your child as possible to make sure you have a tailored visit. 

The next Open Days are:

Saturday 10th September: 11+ and 16+ entry 

Saturday 1st October: 13+ entry 


The entry points for admission are 11+, 13+ and 16+. 

11+ registration is done one to two years prior to the year of entry and for 13+ registration can be done 3/4 years before to the year of entry. Places are offered to students in the Spring Term of Year 6 for those students who are joining after passing the 11+ entrance exam. 

Registration for 16+ is done 18 months prior to the year of entry. Students who are granted entry into Sixth Form must have achieved three Grade 6 and three Grade 7 GCSEs at least.

Entrance exams and interviews

11+ candidates will sit entrance exams in January of Year 6. They will sit papers in Mathematics, Science, English and Cognitive Ability. Selected candidates who show the most academic ability will be invited to sit the Academic Scholarship paper the next day. Following assessments, offers will be made in late January. 

For most students joining Oundle at 13+ from a UK school, entrance is granted if they sit and pass the Common Entrance Exams in the June of Year 8. However, students at schools that don’t offer Common Entrance Exams will sit the Oundle Entrance Exams in the January of Year 8. The papers to be written are Cognitive Ability, Mathematics, English and Science. 

16+ potential students who have been shortlisted will be invited to an assessment weekend at Oundle in the November before their expected joining date in the following September. 

You can get exams papers here

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