How to get into Queen’s Gate Kensington


Girls Day School for pupils aged 4 -18 in South Kensington

Registration Fees (as of publication of this blog):


Fees (as of publication of this blog):

Junior School – £6,690 per term (includes school lunch for years Reception – Year 3)

Senior school and Sixth Form – £7,410 per term

Fees are generally inclusive of most textbooks, basic stationery, photocopying, and pupil’s accident insurance. Lunch for senior school, Sixth Form and other years in the junior school is £410 per term while the school bus is £475 per term.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Rosalynd Kamaryc 

About Queen’s Gate School

Queen’s Gate was founded in 1891 by Eleanor Beatrice Wyatt in her parent’s home in nearby Stanhope Gardens, and it was moved the next year to 132 Queen’s Gate.

Students at this school aren’t required to wear a school uniform, but they do have a dress code requiring students to wear smart clothing. Queen’s Gate has a strong academic track record and was the fourth best performing school in South Kensington in 2021. 

Is Queen’s Gate School a good choice for you?

Queen’s Gate School is a relatively small school. They have just over 500 pupils. They are rich in tradition and offer an all-round education, reflecting London’s international diversity to girls from 4 to 18. 

Queen’s Gate offers private visits and open events for junior and senior schools if you would like to visit. You can book a private visit here. One of the Junior School open events is an at-home Reception which will happen on April 27th, May 25th and June 22nd, 2022. During the visits, you have the chance to key members of staff and take a tour of the school.

The school runs a number of Senior School open events. One is summer open mornings on Monday 16th May and Wednesday 15th June 2022. Autumn open evenings are due to be held Thursday 22nd September, Thursday 6th October and Wednesday 2nd November 2022. 


The first step to starting the process is to get your daughter registered. You can fill out a form here. It requires a fee of £150. 

There are three main points of entry for both junior and senior school, but they would admit students into other Years if places are available. The main points of entry are Preliminary (Year 0/Reception) for junior school and Year 7 and Year 12 for senior school. 

For entry into ‘Reception’, Parents will be invited to meet with the Director of the Junior School to discuss their application while the potential pupils will visit the classroom and spend time with teachers. 

The registration form for Year 7 must be submitted by Friday November 12th.

Exams and interviews

All Year 7 applicants will sit an 11+ Consortium examination and attend an interview. 

Year 12 applicants will need to sit the school’s entrance papers. The number of papers and subjects will depend on the A level choices of the applicants. However, all applicants will sit a general paper. 

The condition for them being accepted is that they achieve the school’s minimum GSCE requirements. 

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