How to get into Royal High School Bath


An independent day and boarding school for girls (aged 3 to 18).

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog)


On accepting a place, a deposit of £500 is required for the day and £750 for boarders.

Fees (as of publication of this blog):

Nursery – £60 for all day nursery (including lunch)

Reception – Year 2: £3,712 per term

Year 3 – Year 6: £3,911 per term

Year 7 – Year 9: £5,041 per term and £11,234 per term for boarders

Year 10 – Year 11: £5,138 per term and £11,398 per term per term for boarders

Year 12 – Year 13: £5,262 per term (lunch optional) and £11,809 per term for boarders

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Mrs. Kate Reynolds

About Royal High School Bath Girls’ School

With a long history of specialising in girls’ only education, Royal High School Bath focuses on academics as well as personality building while helping the girls to uncover their talents. The school helps the girls to find out and reach their full potential by providing an exciting and challenging learning experience. Staff are professional and empathetic and treat all girls as individuals with a dedication to bringing out the best in every student.

Academics are the top priority so teachers aim to make sure that every student performs to her full potential, which has allowed the Royal High School Bath to maintain a reputation of achieving grades higher than the national average.

Royal High School Bath is part of a chain of pioneering schools started back in 1865 with slight help from Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria. Royal High itself opened its doors to its first students in 1998.

Is Royal High School Bath Girls’ School good for you?

One of the most important decisions as a parent of a child is the school choice. There’s no doubt in the fact that the future of children depends on it. It is important to go for one with a good reputation as well as infrastructure. Royal High allows parents and students to get a 360-degree virtual tour any day, any time. It also welcomes them to an in-person visit after booking a tour time at your convenience.

Royal High School Bath has a reputation for preparing its girls for both academic and life success, with the help of individual attention from teachers with utmost dedication. The school’s academic results are, without a doubt, in line with its reputation.

Their huge span of extracurricular activities also sets them apart. The girls have access to an on-site fitness suite, music school as well as a library. Moreover, they have access to Bath University’s Olympic standard sports facilities. There are also some trips afield, like theatre visits in London and rafting in the Mendips.


To secure admission to Royal High School Bath Girls’ School, parents and students must fill in the online registration form.

Exams and interview

The exam and assessment process for each respective year varies and is as follows:

For Prep (Years 2-6):

The student will attend an interactive and exciting Taster Day, where she’ll be attending classes of specialist lessons and will be tested in English and Mathematics. If attending a Taster Day is difficult for the parents, the school will contact the child’s current school and have them administer assessments on their behalf and provide a report on academic attainment.

For Seniors (Year 7), the assessment involves four steps:

  1. Girls will have to sit an online Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)
  1. Girls from schools other than the Royal High Prep School will need to sit an entrance exam.
  2. They will then be invited to an interview where they will be asked to prepare a 3-minute presentation and bring an item they feel proud of to discuss. This gives the girls an opportunity to show other skills which aren’t assessed in the written exam.
  3. All candidates are considered for an academic scholarship on the basis of their performance in the entrance exams.

For Seniors (Years 8-10), the assessment involves three stages:

  1. The girls will need to sit assessments of English and Maths. In addition, Girls entering 9 and 10 also have to complete science assessments. All assessments will be in January of the desired year.
  2. Girls’ current schools will be asked for a progress report. The candidates might also be called for an interview with the Head of Modern Languages to assess their language ability.
  3. Based on their overall performance in the assessments, the selected candidates will be awarded scholarships for the coming year.

For Sixth Form, the assessment involves three stages:

  1. References will be taken from the current school about predicted GCSE grades.
  2. Offers for Sixth Form are conditional, students are required to achieve at least six Grade 6s at GCSEs, and a grade 7 in the subjects they want to study at A Level.
  3. Some students might be required to take assessments in November before the desired year to assess their abilities in English, Maths, and their option subjects.

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