How to get into St. Paul’s Girls’ School


Independent girl’s school for girls aged 11 to 18.

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog):


(although this is not applicable to students who are applying for a bursary place).

Fees (as of publication of this blog):  

£9,264 per term, and £9,960 for new entrants in Year 12.

Fees include lunch and personal accident insurance.

Current Head:

Sarah Fletcher

About St. Paul’s Girls School

St Paul’s Girls School is located in Brook Green, Hammersmith in West London, England. It has always been headed by a female who is labelled the ‘High Mistress’ and has hosted numerous Royal Visits; one from the Queen Mother in 1985 and another from Prince Charles in 2004.

Is St. Paul’s Girls School good for you?

Students of St. Paul Girls School perform exceptionally academically. Besides academics, they pride themselves on being a welcoming and vibrant community with progressive thinking. There are no uniforms within their walls, and they have few rules, yet students are raised to be respectful. They are also invested in extracurricular activities like music and drama which are open to all students.

To see how well students and staff interact and get first-hand knowledge of the school’s culture, parents can participate in an open day event which take place every autumn term. To attend you will be required to book a ticket with the school in advance. Virtual school tours are a good alternative for those who cannot meet up with physical tours and these can also be found on the school’s website.


For 11+ entry, the deadline for entry is always early November for entry the following September, while the deadline for 16+ registration ends mid October every year for entry the following September. Parents are required to complete the online form and return it to the Admission Office with a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.

The registrartion for September 2023 is now closed, but will open in June 2023 for registration for September 2024 entry. Registrations for 11+ always commence in June for the next year, and that of 16+ are alwasy opened in the autumn a year prior to the proposed year of entry.

Exams and interviews

Assessment for 11+ is done in 3 stages for students. For next years cohort, applicants will complete an on-screen, timed cognitive ability test to assess students’ verbal ability, non-verbal ability and mathematical ability on 21st November 2022. This also takes place around the same time every year.

On Wednesday 4th January 2023, applicants who made it through the first stage (computer assessment stage) will be invited to sit the school’s entrance exam in English, Mathematics and comprehension. Students who will be qualified for an interview will be shortlisted from the results of the entrance exam.

On Monday 16th January 2023, successful applicants from the entrance exams will participate in a 20-25 minute interview that will focus on a student’s academic potential.

For 16+ applicants, assessments are completed in two stages; a written exam and an interview. Applicants sat an exam on Tuesday 1st November 2022, in the subjects they wish to study at A Level.

Successful applicants will be invited between Wednesday 16th November and Thursday 17th November 2022 for interviews. These interviews cover their subject academic performance and their wider interests.

The timelines are similar every year.

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