How to get into Sydenham High School


Independent Day Girls School (aged 4 to 18).

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog)

£100 for UK students, and the overseas students’ registration fee is £125

  • For Prep 4+(Reception) entry, the deadline for applications is 18 November
  • The application deadline for 7+ (Year 3) entries is 23 November.
  • For Senior 11+ (Year 7) entry, the application deadline is 14 November
  • For Sixth Form 16+ (Year 12)entry, the deadline for application is 25 November
  • There are also some occasional places in Sydenham High School throughout the year.
Fees (as of publication of this blog)
  • Prep School fee per term is £4,909 or £14,727 annually
  • Senior School fee per term is £6,244 or £18,732 annually

From Reception to Year 11, lunch costs £257.46 per term, which is compulsory.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog)

Ms. Antonia Geldeard

About Sydenham High School

Established in 1887, Sydenham High School was one of the last GDST schools which opened. It was founded by four women who made it their mission to give girls as good an education as boys. It was originally founded within Longton Hall, but in the 1930s it moved to Brighton and Hove High School due to the second world war where it shared facilities with Streatham High School. It then reopened in Westwood Hill in 1940. It’s expanded significantly since, thanks to a lot of investment from the GDST and with state of the art facilities which have continued to expend. The school prides itself on taking fostering lifelong intellectual growth in girls and young women.

Is Sydenham High School good for you?

You can rely on Sydenham School. With their open events and taster days, they will undoubtedly assist parents and children in making up their minds about enrolling at Sydenham High School. Sydenham High School’s selection process allows students with different backgrounds and talents to join their learning community. The school size is good, allowing choice and individual attention for each student.


The parents must complete the online registration form after creating a parent account here. Please note that for the convenience of people, there are always some vacancies available, and you can request admission throughout the year by contacting the school admission management.

For those who wish to apply for a bursary or scholarship, there are additional forms to fill out along with the primary online application here.

Exams and interview

The requirements for entry into Sydenham High School vary marginally from one age bracket to the next.

For Age 4+ (Reception Entry):

  1. After visiting the school and filling out an online form, the school will confirm the assessment date.
  2. On assessment day, the girl will be required to participate in a one-hour-long playgroup session.
  3. The teacher will evaluate her proficiency in early phonics, numeracy skills, handwriting, and oral communication.
  4. The assessment results will be communicated to parents via a home posting till 30 November.

For Age 7+ (Year 3 Entry):

  1. After registration, the school will confirm the entrance examination and interview date.
  2. Three forty-minute assessment exams in maths, reading, and writing are given to applicants. These exams are followed by a team-building and collaboration activity.
  3. For Year 3 entrance, Sydenham High School does not test verbal or nonverbal reasoning.
  4. After one week, the outcomes of the assessment process will be mailed home.

For Age 11+ (Year 7 Entry):

  1. Mathematical and English proficiency will be checked for all applicants.
  2. In a fifteen-minute interview, the girl will be asked to give a short speech about a topic she is passionate about.
  3. All scholarship and bursaries notifications will be mailed by first-class post by 27 January 2023. A decision letter will also be sent via email.

For Age 16+ (Sixth Form Entry):

  1. Students applying to the Sixth Form should have at least seven GCSE passes (ranging from 9 to 5).
  2. A grade 7 in mathematics will also be needed if you want to pursue physics or chemistry.
  3. A girl’s admission depends on her interview and, optionally, a relatively short test in any subject.
  4. In December, a decision letter is sent by mail for sixth-form entry.

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