How to get into the Manchester Grammar School

Type of School:

Independent day school for boys (aged 7 to 18).

Application Fee (at the time of publication of this blog):

£40 (payable at the end of the online form for which you will receive an online message)

  • Applications are welcomed for Year 7, Year 12, and Junior School for the September 2023 intake.
  • 21st November – Monday is the deadline for Year 7
  • 25th November – Friday is the deadline for Year 12

The registration fee is exempted for bursary applicants. 1st September is the last date for bursary application submission.

Fees (at the time of publication of this blog):

£13,980 for one year and £4660 per term

Term charges include the teaching of the regular curriculum, use of school equipment and books, specified stationery items, fee for public exams in Senior Year (only one sitting), and private music lessons. Free meals are only included for students in the 3rd and 4th Years.

Current Head (at the time of publication of this blog):

Dr. Martin Boulton

About the Manchester Grammar School

MGS, the UK’s biggest private day school for boys, was founded in 1515. It has around 1600 students admitted to different programs. Besides the basic subjects of science and math, MGS also provides classes for philosophy, classics, drama, design, and more to impart well-rounded knowledge to the students.

Dr Martin Boulton, Ph.D., has been the High Master since 2013. This grammar school has been the alma mater for high achievers like Sir Ben Kingsley.

Is the Manchester Grammar School good for you?

The Manchester Grammar School has a high reputation for churning out students with academic excellence. Their students consistently gain admission to some of the top universities in the UK. MGS boys have an acceptance rate of 13% for Oxbridge. So, if you are focused on getting the best academic environment that also provides outlets for other activities, MGS is a great choice.

The school does not accept any borders so, if you’re looking for a boarding school, this could be a hindrance for you. With bursaries available and other opportunities for the students, there is no shortage of guidance for your child here.


To secure admission to the Manchester Grammar School, parents must fill in the online registration forms for Years 3-6 here, Year 7 here, and for students in GCSEs in Year 11 here. If you have passed the deadlines, you can contact the Admissions Office for details. You can find the contact information here.

Bursaries are available for students of high merit based on tests. The school funds about 600 high-achieving boys annually. You can apply for them while filling out the application form.

Exams and interviews

There are two criteria for admission in most years – assessment day and entrance exam.

Assessment Day For Years 3, 4, 5, and 6

  • You can apply for any of the years, but the acceptance depends on the availability of space in the class. There is no entrance test but assessment day for admission in Years 3-6. The assessment day involves math lessons, activities, and a written test at the end of the day. There is no preparation needed for the assessment day. It is usually held in January.

Assessment Day and Entrance Exam for Year 7

  • For year 7, the boys have to attend the assessment day and give a written test. They also have to sit for the entrance exam with two arithmetic papers and two English exams. You can find practice questions and past papers on their website.

Sixth Form Year 11 Events

  • Open day is held for students giving their GCSEs to provide the opportunity to meet with university staff and executives.
  • Assessment exams and interviews are conducted to provide an equal chance for an offer to the students.

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