How to get into Withington Girls’ School


Independent day school for girls (aged 7 to 18).

Fees (as of the publication of this blog):

Junior School fee per term is £3,727 or per year £11,181, both including lunch.

For Senior and Sixth Form, per term fee is £4,874, and per year fee is £14,622, both including lunch.

Current Head (as of the publication of this blog):

Mrs Sarah Haslam

About Withington Girls’ School

Withington is a top-tier independent day school in Manchester for girls (aged 7-18) which was founded in 1890 by group of prominent Manchester families who wanted their daughters to access the same high-quality education offered to their sons. The school has an impressive track record and girls who attend this establishment consistently achieves some of the best grades in the country. They have an impressive track record and various extracurricular activities to choose from. Withington girls get the opportunity to engage in many activities outside the classroom too within the culturally diverse city of Manchester.

Is Withington Girls’ School good for you?

Finding the right school for your daughter is difficult. Withington Girls’ School is dependable and a great choice. This school has an incredible reputation in Manchester for giving girls amazing opportunities to explore and develop their talents. Plenty of extracurricular activities make this school stand out from the rest.

They provide various educational opportunities to ensure that everyone reaches their academic goals. Furthermore, Withington encourages respect and personal responsibility from its students, so the learning atmosphere stays positive. All these efforts have paid; the GCSE and A Level result show how well they do – usually among the best!


Parents must fill out the online registration forms for Junior (Years 3-6) here and Year 7 (11+) before 1st December here. They also need to provide a passport-sized photograph, a copy of their daughter’s passport information page, her birth certificate, and her most recent school report. Additionally, birth certificates for the prospective student must be returned to the admission office.

Exams and interviews

The Withington Girls’ School offers admission to girls aged between 7 to 18 for Year 3, Year 7, and Year 12.

  • For Year 3 (7+), Year 4 (8+), Year 5 (9+), and Year 6 (10+) entries for September 2023; Thursday 8th December 2022 was the last date for registration, and the Junior School Entrance Assessment Day is Saturday 14th January 2023.

For ages 11+ the following details apply:

  • For Year 7 (11+) entry for September 2023; Thursday 1st December 2022 was the deadline for registration, and the Entrance Examination Day was Friday 6th January 2023.
  • The exam is divided into 3 sections – English (60 mins), Maths (45 mins), and Verbal Reasoning (50 mins). The school has practice papers for English and Maths to help you prepare.
  • The next part of the entrance test is Non-Verbal Reasoning (20 minutes). No samples are given, but it’s a good idea to guess each question. It can help the people grading your answers.
  • Two adults here will talk to you about your answers and topics like your hobbies and favourite things about school.

For ages 7 to 10 years, the assessment involves the below stages.

  • After the registration and before the end of the Autumn term, the entrance assessment details are shared with the parents of the applicants.
  • After the assessment, the staff will contact the families of all applicants to confirm the outcome of the entrance assessment.
  • The time to reply after receiving an offer letter is three weeks.
  • Monday, 6th September 2023, will be the first day of the Autumn Term.

For ages 16+ years, the assessment involves the below stages.

  • For Year 12 (16+) entry for September 2023; Wednesday 30th November 2022 was the last date for registration, and the deadline for submission of a full application for formal interviews is Thursday 9th February 2023.
  • Visit to download the Statement of Interest form.
  • Fill out the form by documenting your predicted grades and A Level subject choices, as well as why you wish to take those subjects and your future aspirations.
  • Completed forms were to be submitted before Wednesday 30th November 2022, it is generally the same time every year that these deadline occur. It’s possible to mail forms to: Admissions Department, Friendly Withington Girls’ School, 305 High Street, Manchester M4 3DE
  • The Sixth Form admission team will review all Statements of Interest submitted to evaluate pertinent information such as academic achievements and goals beyond school.

The registration date for Bursary applicants varies for each grade, and further details are available on their website. 

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