How to get into Wycombe Abbey Girls’ School


Independent girl’s boarding school (aged 11 to 18).

Registration fee (as of publication of this blog):


  • For 11+ and 13+ entries, June 1 (before the required year of admission) is the deadline for registration, along with paying the non-refundable registration fees.
  • For 16+, the deadline for registration is the same as “June 1” (before the required year of admission), but they are not required to pay any registration fees at this stage.

The registration fee is exempted for bursary applicants. September 1st is the last date for bursary application submission.

Fees (as of publication of this blog):

£14,700 for boarding per term and £11,050 for day school per term

Fees include all the expenditures from lodging, tuition, and laundry to lunch and personal accident insurance.

Current Head (as of publication of this blog):

Mrs Jo Duncan

About Wycombe Abbey Girls’ School

Wycombe Abbey is a global pioneer in girls’ education, fostering empathy and integrity within it’s students in addition to academic success,. Academically, it is consistently recognised as one of the finest all-girls schools.

Dame Frances Dove (1847–1942), former headmistress of St Leonards School in Scotland, founded the Wycombe Abbey Girls’ school in 1896.

Is Wycombe Abbey Girls’ school good for you?

Nobody can deny the importance of choosing the right school. Wycombe Abbey provides the opportunity for prospective parents and students to visit the school online on coffee mornings, on open days by booking here, or just pay an in-person visit to make a thoughtful decision.

Wycombe Abbey is one of the premier girls boarding schools in the UK, which encourages girls to broaden their horizons and pursue their unique interests. This institution is dedicated to preparing children for academic and life success through introducing activities like dance, music, sports, and drama. The school showed remarkable academic success in the 2022 GSCE exams with 96.4% of students awarded a grade 9/8/7 at GCSE, 89.6% of whom achieved a grade 8/9. Likewise at A Level in 2022 90.7% of all results were graded A*-B and 63.5% were graded A*.


To secure admission to Wycombe Abbey School, parents must fill in the online registration forms for 11 and 13+ here and 16+ here before June 1, along with returning the application and the birth certificates of the prospective student to the admission office.

While for bursary applicants, the last date for admission is September 1. To know about the bursary in detail, click here.

Exams and Interview

The school offers admission and bursary scholarships to girls aged 11, 13, and 16. The assessment processes for each age group vary.

For entry at age 11, the assessment involves three stages:

  1. The first stage comprises sitting in an online Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4).
  2. The second stage involves the assessment day in Nov, before the desired admission year. At this stage, the student will have an interview with one of the staff members and participate in group activities. The student will also take the entrance exam for English(1hr) and Mathematics(1hr).
  3. In the third stage, selected candidates will be called for a scholarship exam in January of the desired year of admission.

For entry at age 13, the assessment involves two stages:

  1. The first stage involves sitting in the online CAT4 in early October, the score of which decides the student making it to the second step. The second step involves the assessment day in January, which comprises sitting different papers.
  2. Based on the student’s overall performance in CAT4 and assessment day, the selected candidates will be awarded the scholarship in January.

For entry at age 16, the assessment involves three steps:

  1. The first step involves appearing in UKiset and sending the receipt of test results before July 31.
  2. The second step involves a review of school reports and UKiset scores by the headmistress, the result of which will be notified by September.
  3. The final step involves taking the Sixth Form Entrance examination and an interview with one of the senior staff members.

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