Improve Your Exam Technique

There’s no easy way to improve your exam techniques, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect! However, good exam techniques & help with revision styles will go a long way in ensuring you perform the best you can.

Our mentors all have plenty of experience of the examinations process. We even have some approved examiners working with us!

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Learn how to Learn

Learning is a skill & as educators we have undergone a wealth of research into learning how to learn. Our mentoring programme compliments our academic tutoring as we will teach you skills to:

Develop a growth mindset

  • Improve your concentration & focus
  • Get rid of bad study habits & stop procrastinating
  • Memorise more using various different strategies
  • Take better notes
  • Complete homework faster
  • Better time management – balance studying with social time
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Read faster with speed reading techniques
  • Critically think & evaluate
  • Stop panicking & start passing exams & interviews