Keeping up with university life

Going to university is a big deal. It could be the first time you are living on your own, leaving your parents for an extended period of time, managing your schedule, finances and household jobs all by yourself and still being on top of your academics. 

University can be the best experience of your life or a nightmare, depending on how you handle things. Here are some tips to help you keep up with university life. 

Be honest with yourself

You are on your own. That’s a fact. There are current students, your professors and staff within the school who might be willing to help you settle in but getting the best out of university depends primarily on you. 

You are primarily responsible for your academics, your social life, your finances, your household jobs, and any other activities. No parent or guardian to tell you what to do daily. The sooner you come to terms with this, the easier your transition will be. 

Join freshers week

Freshers week is an exciting week for new students at university. It is a good way to attend social events, meet new students, and learn more about the school, your course and campus life. Student Union hosts a number of activities and at a ‘Welcome Fair’, you can sign up for societies you are interested in and speak to new and current students. 

Each university and its freshers week is subjective, but generally, lectures during this period are minimal. 

Make effort to make new friends

Freshers week is a great time to meet students; either fresher like you or current students. Don’t hesitate to reach out and make friends with them. Other places to make friends are in your class, dorms or apartments, clubs, and any extracurricular activity you participate in. 

Friends are vital in a university. There will be so much going on and you need as many people as possible to rely on. You need people to hang out with, study with, share information with and do assignments with. 

Do not necessarily look for a best friend, as that would put too much pressure on you and the person. As long as you have a common interest with someone and they share your values, you can make friends with them.

Take your studies seriously

You are in school for your studies. Take it seriously. Go to class, study, do your homework, and make sure your attendance and academic success is the priority. If your grades are good, you will have fewer things to stress about. 

Create a study timetable to help you manage your time. You can look around your university and find a good study spot. Any place devoid of distractions, and one that puts you in the mood to study. For accountability, you can also get a study partner. 

Party smart

Many students will want to party, go for social activities, or hang out with friends. Be smart about it. Do things in ways that you will not harm yourself or others around you. 

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