Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is an ideal solution if you’re looking for a more personalised learning experience. At Booksmart Tutors we make the effort to listen to your needs & understand your abilities as an individual. Having a private tutor isn’t just about having another teacher, it’s about having an empathetic & well-qualified person taking the time to work with you in order to ensure you meet your full potential. Our tutors tailor-make their resources & approach to suit your learning style in order to adequately cater to your individual needs.

Private tuition is helpful to:

  • Prepare for exams
  • Boost progress
  • Catch up on work missed
  • Stretch & challenge you
  • Assist with home-schooling – for those students who are outside mainstream education

One-to-one tuition is available both online, via our online learning platform, and in-person subject to tutor availability in your local area.

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The Process

1. Consultation

Discussion of your child’s learning needs

2. Initial Assessment

Assessments set to ascertain your child’s current working level

3. Tutoring

10 sessions recommended before reassessing to see progress

4. Mock Exam

Reassessment to see progress

5. Results

Identification of improvements and areas of development

6. Review

Feedback to parents regarding progress & ways to further support your child’s learning