Stay Healthy & Develop a Routine

Routine & balance are key components to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a daily routine can help us to feel a sense of purpose, reduce stress levels & allow us to be more productive. Staying healthy & developing a routine prevents the risk of burning out. Burning out means you may feel physically & emotionally drained so our mentors work on strategies to help prevent this.

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Our Mentors will help you

How our mentors help

They will support you to develop an organised approach to learning & workload demands. They also focus on strategies to help with motivation. They guide, question & advise because, with the right support & a little hard work, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

You should end your revision feeling healthy & energised. This is why it’s so important to maintain a balanced, reasonable routine. Our mentors will help you achieve this.

Benefits of a good routine

Having a good routine will help you:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Become better at planning & enhance your organisational skills
  • Learn to manage time better
  • Reduce distractions & develop manageable plans
  • Increase your confidence
  • Gain a better understanding into how to learn best, leading to more effective revision as a result