Tips for avoiding distractions during online classes

Online classes have many advantages. They are convenient, can be done anywhere, and can often cost less than going to a physical class. However, the flexibility of online classes, which is its main selling point, can also be also its undoing. The price to pay is a lot of distractions beyond the teachers’ and sometimes the student’s control. 

Top distractions for students include social media, family and friends, television, work or an uncomfortable environment. To get the best out of online classes, it is essential that students maintain a healthy work-life-social balance so that other activities are not neglected or carried out during class. 

Here are some tips to help you avoid distractions during an online class. 

Time management

Time management is a crucial skill to learn if you are an online student. Because of the low supervision of online classes, students sometimes do other chores while classes are ongoing. Your daily tasks should be properly planned and carried out to avoid clashing with your online class. 

Write a schedule, and try to stick to it. Avoid procrastinating, laziness or tardiness. 

A comfortable environment

Even though you can take your classes from anywhere, a comfortable environment and noiseless environment is the ideal place to have your classes. Attending a class while on a busy road, in a subway or with the television blaring is a big no. distractions from your surroundings will meddle with your focus. 

In your home, pick a room or place without external sounds. Family, friends and gadgets are sources of distraction. Turn off the television, put your phone away and tell your family or friends when it is time for classes so they don’t come calling. 

Go through materials before the class

To be adequately prepared for a class, go through the materials, curriculum, and coursework before the lessons start. If you have been asked to read up a section or material, do that before the lessons, not while it is ongoing. 

Follow school rules at home too

The rules in the physical classroom allow students to focus more on the lessons and their classwork. Rules like no mobile phones in the classroom, and no talking during lessons are very practical and should be followed at home. 

If you can’t have your mobile phone in the classroom, then you shouldn’t have it with you while learning online, unless you use it for your online class. If you are supposed to pay attention and not chat with your classmates in a physical class, then there should be no chatting during online lessons either. If there’s a chat section online it should be used to ask questions or respond to questions that are about the class. 

Discipline yourself

Taking classes online requires a great degree of discipline. It is so easy to just open a new tab and start googling random thoughts, or just scroll through social media if you are bored with a class. Discipline will help you set aside temporary pleasures for a better outcome. 

Form new habits that will become the new norm of your learning. You can also get a study partner for accountability or use apps that will help keep to a strict routine. 

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