Top tips for getting into college and sixth form

The process of getting into college doesn’t start on the day of application. In the UK system, there are a variety of schools and courses to choose from. Regardless of your course of choice, university or finance, there will always be a school for you.

You could also be eligible for the school of your dreams and ruin with by not doing things right or understanding the process. This is why we have compiled top tips on how you can get into college.

Know your competitive advantage in the university of your choice

The application process for some colleges is more competitive than others. Some colleges are hard to get into and others are not. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge have a high rejection rate (as high as 83%) and due to this, are much less likely to offer you a place.

You need to be practical in your choices. You should have a mix between prestigious universities and universities that are easier to get into.

Your GSCE and A-levels Scores 

Your GSCE and A-levels scores are very important. College applicants come from different schools and backgrounds within the UK. GSCE and A-level are standard ways to ascertain eligibility.

Your best chance to get into the university of your dream is to impress the admission officers with a very high score or a score within the range that is acceptable in the school.

Not all schools or courses rely on your GSCE for admission. They offer entrance admission exams as part of the application process. This will be noted on the UCAS platform as well as the registration process and deadline for it

Do your research

You need to research the school of your choice and the courses they offer. UK college entry requirements vary based on the university, course, academic level, and your status as a foreign or non-foreign student. You need to make sure that you have the appropriate requirements as described by the school of your choice.

Also look into the university rankings, the kind, and the number of campuses they have, your accommodation options, their learning style and how much it will cost you to attend here.

Understand how UCAS works

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is the body in charge of university applications for British universities. To use the platform, you need to understand how it works.

UCAS requires different inputs from you including your choice of schools (up to five), courses, a personal profile, and a personal statement on why you are the right fit and should be admitted to a college. The platform is also how you track your admission status and every other deadline like your interview or entrance exams deadline.

Prepare yourself for interviews

All courses at Oxford and Cambridge require potential students to go through an interview process and most Medicine courses require interviews. They’re used as a means of comparing and filtering applicants who performed well. The spaces on these courses and at particular universities are competitive and therefore an interview process is a requirement.

You must be adequately prepared for an interview. If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail! Interview preparation is a must and we do offer this service at Booksmart Tutors. Make sure you are well read on the institution and the course you’re applying for in order to help impress and increase your chances.

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